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The Island of Newfoundland and it's northern regions in Labrador are breath  taking, with vast expanses of huge lakes and waterways, combined with breath taking mountain peaks, some  that are snow capped well into June. Combine all that wild natural environment with some of the most amazing trophy animals on the continent and you're in for one "heart stopping" experience of a lifetime.
Now, all you have to do is make up your mind to hunt with "the big boys" and find your way to  the hunter's deamland.

Connecting flights from all the major points of origin, both continental and international, will bring you to our rugged shores and lush green forests. For those of you in close proximity and enjoy the cross country "trek" by vehicle, from anywhere in Canada or the United States, our ferry service is an experience in itself. Fine Newfoundland dining and seascapes  abound  throughout your 6 to 7 hour journey on Marine Atlantic ferries. You will arrive in Port Aux Basque, Newfoundland and travel East on Route

If you are inclined to build your hunt into a more extensive vacation on the Island , we would be happy to recommend places to stay and things you may want to see and do. Newfoundland is rich in culture and history and everywhere you travel you will be greeted with  an attitude of friendliness seldom experienced elsewhere. The main connector route from east to west is the Trans Canada Highway and  side roads and alternate routes are well maintained winter and summer. Auto rentals are available NL wide and there are numerous tours , both marine and road, that you can avail of throughout the NL.

Just give us "a heads up" if you do want to stay for an extended time before or after your hunt. We'll point you in all the right directions.

Newfoundland weather is unlike any you have ever experienced before and can change every 15 minutes.
Remember, there is no inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing and gear!!

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Scenic Humber Valley


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